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WPM SEALING ELEMENT 125R (3 x 7,5 m)

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The WPM Sealing Element 125 R is made of galvanised steel sheet approx. 0.7 mm thick.

One side of the steel sheet is coated with a special mineral coating to ensure good adhesion to concrete.
  • One side coated special sealing sheet
  • Watertight against pressurized water up to 2,0 bar
  • High chemical resistance
  • Elastic sealing
  • Easy application to fresh concrete
  • Made in Estonia

Packing: box 3 pc x 7.5 m

Pallet: 42 boxes


WPM Sealing Element 125 R is used for sealing against pressurized water in concrete construction joints for bottom/wall, wall/wall, bottom/bottom and wall/ceiling applications. Typical areas of application are drinking water tanks, areas of changing water levels, cast-in-place concrete and precast unit constructions.


- Steel material: galvanized steel
- Steel sheet height: 125 mm
- Steel sheet thickness: approx. 0,7 mm
- Steel sheet length: 7,5 m
- Special coating: mineral coating
- Thickness of complete sheet: approx. 1,7 mm
- Color: silver/grey
- Temperature resistance: -35oC – +75oC
- Working temperature: no limi

Delivery form:
- Box: 3 x 7,5 m detail, joint clips, fixing glue
- Storage 36 month in cool and dry conditions and original package.

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Easy to apply

Preparation of surface:
WPM Sealing Element 125L will be installed in the middle of the construction joint on top of reinforcement steel. Side with mineral coating is placed to opposite to the water pressure side.

Place the jointing flange on the upper reinforcement rods and attach the binding wire through the holes on the edge of the sheet to the reinforcing rods. Make sure that the joint is at least 3 cm deep within the casting structure (max. half of the width of the selected tape). Next, place the sheet so that the top of the sheets is 10 cm above the cover.

Applying the element:
Apply glue stripe in the middle of the overlap, press the tape firmly over the cover and secure it with the joint clips provided. Use the fixing glue in the kit to achieve a proper joint. Installation may vary by area of use, in case of doubt, ask for further information.

WPM Sealing element coat cover is resistant to many chemicals, if necessary, ask for additional information.