About WPMEstonia OÜ

The constant challenge for the construction industry is to do more in less time and at a lower cost. This also means that we have to find new ways to maximize the result from the hours spent on labor in the waterproofing industry. Another trend in the construction industry is the simplification of work processes, which allows for the involvement of less experienced workers in specific work processes. The third important trend is environmental sustainability, both globally in construction and other areas.

In light of these challenges, we have started the production of waterproofing materials in Estonia. One of our goals is to control and guide shrinkage cracks. For this purpose, we produce a patent pending product that directs the formation of concrete shrinkage cracks to the desired locations. This way of waterproofing makes construction faster and more convenient, as it does not cause accidental non-waterproofed shrinkage cracks.

When the concrete hardens, it shrinks about 1 mm per 4 meters. That being said, it is possible to control and guide shrinkage cracks with the materials produced by WPMEstonia OÜ. As a result of using this solution, the shrinkage cracks are immediately waterproof and do not require subsequent coating. Furthermore, concrete can be poured faster and in larger sections using keyway-shaped sheet metal elements. The sheet element inside the crack interrupts the water penetrating from the shrinkage crack, and the water does not enter the building through the structure.

Our Mission

To offer innovative and top-quality waterproofing products that focus on user comfort, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Using environmentally friendly materials and technologies, we contribute to a sustainable future.